Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sweet Dreams!

Good night and sweet dreams... a very common phrase. When someone wishes me that, I politely decline, "No, thank you!"

Contrary to popular belief, sweet dreams do not give me a good night's sleep. Be it a nightmare or a sweet dream, it is very taxing on the mind to live in it. We are already stretching our brain tissues when we are awake with every single thing we do, every single breath we take, every single thought we make. At the end of each day, we need to rest our bodies and minds so that we can start the next day afresh. So if I dream, my mind does not get the rest it needs.

So if you were to wish me "Good night and sweet dreams", it is like you are wishing me "Good night but I hope you DO NOT get a good night's sleep!". I wish you "Good night and NO dreams!"

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Big May 2006! What a bang!

Boring day today... as usual there are tonnes of work but I'm not in the mood for work... Mel & Penny's gone home for their sister's wedding. I'll be at the luncheon tomorrow. So I'm all alone in the office...

Got a call from an old friend yesterday "Add-Ice", telling me there's gonna be a gathering of Form Six class of 92/93 (I think... I can't even remember... yikes!). I couldn't confirm with her since I was not keen, very skeptical and hesitant. I have kinda disappeared from this bunch for quite some time now; thereafter maintaining a low profile... until, as fate would have it, one of them managed to get my phone number. So I'm still deliberating and the question is ..."To go OR not to go". Well enough of my crappy moments...

May is drawing to a close... it was to me a big month for entertainment. We saw the release of a few hot, long-awaited movies; in particular X-Men III: The Last Stand, The Da Vinci Code, Poseidon and Mission: Impossible III. I was a little disappointed with the Da Vinci Code though; the book was much more pulsating to read than watching the movie itself and there were many things that were left out of the movie. I can't really blame Ron Howard for that, can I? After all, how much from one book can you squeeze into 2 and a half hours? Even so, it was a good effort and I'm glad it was adapted for the big screen.

X-Men III was spectacular... I liked the twist but sad to say this really is the Last Stand... no more sequel (sigh!) and I was beginning to anticipate more to come. If you have yet to catch it... my advise to you is go and catch it now... the must-see movie of May 2006!

As for the Poseidon and MI3, well all I can say is they will keep you on your toes in the cinema; good watch but not as good as X-Men III.

Over on the Idiot-box, The Amazing Race 9, Charmed, Desperate Housewives Season 2 and not forgetting American Idol 5 came to a big-bang close. The Amazing Race saw the Hippies BJ and Tyler triumphing over the dominant Frat boys Eric and Jeremy to win the million dollars and claim the winners' title for this season. The Frat boys looked almost certain to win this one but as fate would have it, they just did not have a good memory and more likely, just ran out of luck!

After 8 seasons, Charmed finally ended with the episode Forever Charmed shown in the US on May 21st, 2006 in which the witches were all locked in the greatest battle of all time; one which could potentially kill the embattled witches. But as we all know, what good would a series be if it is without a happy ending... so to cut the chase short; Charmed Ones & the Jenkins sisters both summon the Hollow at the same time; cataclysmic explosion destroys the Halliwell Manor and kills Phoebe, Paige and Christy; Piper and Billie find their own ways to change the past. Piper enlists Coop's help to travel into the past where she manages to get Patty and Grams to help. They "changed the past to fix the future and save the present". All's well ends well. Phoebe eventually marries Coop and have 3 girls. Paige has twin girls and a boy. And Piper gets another girl in addition to Wyatt and Chris.

American Idol 5 Finale drew a whopping 63 million votes and Ryan Seacrest claims that it is more votes than any US President has ever received... that was astounding! To read more, click on the following links:

  • American Idol 5: The Finale finally!
  • Taylor Hicks is the American Idol 2006

  • As for Desperate Housewives, it was shown in the US as a 2-hour season finale entitled "Remember" on May 21st, 2006. Flashbacks take us back to moving-in day on Wisteria Lane for Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle and to how Mary Alice brought them all together; in other flashbacks the Applewhites' dark past in Chicago is revealed. Back in the present, Bree gets some frightening news that Mathew is a murderer and both he and Danielle are together. Susan moves into a trailer. Lynette faces a crisis in her marriage, after finding out that Tom has another child. Gabrielle learns that Carlos had an affair with Xiao-Mei. Zach inherits large estate money from his grandfather Noah, who has passed away. I have yet to watch it but will do so in a couple of hours time once my shareware has completed its downloading.

    There! May 2006... one of the more happening months this year!

    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Taylor Hicks is the American Idol 2006

    YEEE HAW! Taylor Hicks has just been announced as the new American Idol beating Katherine McPhee. If you recall he almost didn't make the cut when Simon didn't like him in the preliminaries just because he looked kinda old; however, prior to the Top 24, Simon admitted his oversight. Against all odds, Taylor won... Soul Patrol rules!

    Although my favourite Chris Daughtry didn't make the Top 3, I'm at least glad that America did not make another mistake by letting Katherine win this one. No offense Katherine was good but as Simon would have it, she was good with a small "g". The show was so much bigger than she was. CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR! TAYLOR FANS REJOICE!

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    American Idol 5: The Finale finally!

    I was rooting for Chris Daughtry to be the next American Idol but I still am clueless as to what actually happened... I mean first it was Mandisa, then Paris... then Chris. These three were my favourite... and none of them ended up in the Top 3. Sometimes reality sucks!

    Well moving on... we have now arrived at the finale... and as Ryan Seacrest always says: "This is... American Idol!" Shown in most parts of America live from the Kodak Theatre, 2 finalists, 3 songs each, 3 phone lines each and 4 hours to vote. No forgetting the 3 stooges... I mean judges.

    Katherine opens the show with a repeat of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall)". Randy says she was doing her thang and having fun; wasn't that super-exciting but this one was better than the last time she sang it. Paula says it was a fun way to celebrate why she was there tonight and there is more in her and much better to come. Simon says he’ll give that a good with a small "g". He thinks the occasion tonight is bigger than that song. It was a warm up. And you know what... Simon is almost always correct!

    Next is of course Taylor’s first performance for the night! He chose “Living For The City (Stevie Wonder)” first. Randy begins by saying he loves that he doesn’t care who sings the song’s he’s chosen, because Taylor makes it his own. "That’s a hot one right there!!" Paula likes his outfit, she’s got his dance down, everyone got that dance down. Way to go! Simon says the audience hated him lol, just joking. Smart choice of song, good way to open the show, ugly jacket though lol. I think Taylor just won the first bout.

    Katharine is up again this time with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” which she performed to high praises last week. Randy thought it was anticlimactic when he heard she was doing the same song, but she worked it out! Paula says she is possessed with god given talent. Simon says Round 1 she got slaughtered, and now she’s come back with the best performance of the competition so far. I think that's probably the only mind-blowing performance Katherine can ever come up with and she has Simon to thank for.

    Taylor's song number 2 is the Elton John classic “Levon”. Randy says it was a nice song, but it was a little pitchy this time. Paula says what’s pitchy to Randy is the essence of Taylor. Randy says it wasn’t as good. Paula doesn’t believe it was pitchy. Simon says it wasn’t as popular as the first song. He’s won the first round, Katharine has taken the second round, so it comes down to the third.

    Katharine McPhee's last chance to heat up the McPheever camp! She sings her debut single “My Destiny”! Randy says he has 3 things for her. She looks amazing, she sounded really good, did not love the song though she sounded good. Paula says she is brilliant. Simon says he’s sorry, she went from brilliant to quite good within one song. She is a great, great potential artist, he’s delighted she’s in the final, he tells everyone who wants to vote for her to vote and remember her second song.

    Last but not the least, Taylor closes with his own debut single, “Do I Make You Proud”! Randy says based on the song, it was slightly better, but he loves since day one, Taylor knows who he is, no matter what the song is, he knows how to make it into his own. Paula couldn’t agree more. He is better than the song, everything that is Taylor exists in that song. Simon says assuming he was right, the show was tied, than he has just won American Idol.

    I am surprised but happy that at least both of them each get their own new singles unlike in previous competitions. Especially in the last season, the shared new single was so country-ish that I felt it had given Carrie an unfair advantage over Bo Bice whom I felt was much more deserving to win the Idol title. Anyway, my bet this year is on the Soul Patrol - TAYLOR HICKS!

    How about you?

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Penny's Day

    May 23, 1977. One beautiful soul was born into this worldly realm. She became..... my "heng tai"'s wife (ha! ha! ha!... gotcha... didn't I?) Well 29 years later, this day... she is 29! Despite domestic complications, I helped kickstart a beautiful day and will make sure this day is a passing of goodness. For everyone deserves to be rewarded for having lived and breathed so far.

    It started with Mango Delight and Mocha-chino. The smile on someone's face upon being surprised is all the rewards I can ask for; and I got it. Though the day shall progress like any other day, every little thing we do to try and make even the slightest difference has its gains and rewards.

    Penny... be happy. You are one of the few most important people to me in this world. It is my pleasure to be part of this becoming. Keep your fate and your happiness within the palm of your hands ;-). Tonight, a nice dinner is on me. HAPPY PENNY's DAY!

    To anyone who is reading my blog, I'd just like to say... treasure those loved ones around you. Life is not long enough to be forsaking these treasure. It may be too late once they are lost. Good night and Good Luck!

    poetic justice

    ... that's the phrase to describe what we go through daily. The routine starts when we open those eyelids to let in a new ray of light each day. We believe that this is a new moment and reinforce that belief with caffeine. And just like clockwork, we report to our desks on time. After eight hours of seemingly dreadful passing of time, we rush to the comforts of our own domains; cleaned and fed. And before we know, it is time to close the chapter for the day.

    Between the start and the close, it be best if no ill-intent is conceived. For this world works in mysterious ways, as it always certainly did. Most don't really see it, as they're too ignorant to notice. Only those who stop to weigh the consequence, see the logic of it all. Do good though no one notices; but you'll live a fulfilling life. Do harm and though you may get away scot free; but the just deserts will naturally come and they'll be sharp as knives.

    I consider one recent misfortune of a certain someone to be associated to Poetic Justice. Let thy not feel malice towards thou and embrace a forgiveness of the misdeeds on thy. And thy shall not fall victim to Poetic Justice.

    Monday, May 22, 2006

    The Amazing Race 9 Aftermath

    Okay... so we now know the Hippies won the Amazing Race 9... Recent revelations circulated over the internet show a very disturbing development after the winners crossed the finish line. Of course, I was rooting for the Frat boys since they were really good till the part when they faltered and failed to identify the correct flags. Towards the end of the race, it seems like the Frat Boys and the Hippies were not going to get along... period! The images below show otherwise:

    Shocking images show the Frats and the Hippies in very homoerotic positions. Makes me wonder, was it the booze? These images were taken in February 2006 after the race prior to the premiere [Source: Jaunted]. I was under the impression that the Frat boys were lusting over Dani & Danielle. [Sniggering...] As the saying goes; there's always more than meets the eyes. I don't deny though... the Frat boys do have a solid to-die-for body; but I'm not sure that's reason enough to pose in their undies alone at home... lol!

    I still can't stop giggling... somebody... Help me please! One more thing... another mention of Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich; and my head will go "POP!". Somebody... anybody... dump them in a cell and throw away the key; I have had enough of them.


    My buddy once told me that he hated gossips. I second that. In fact I think that gossips are an important ingredient in catastrophical decimation of friendship or relationship. Funny isn't it? I mean the mouth was made for eating and yet it could also function as something much more destructive than that.

    Now I for one, don't like gossips about me and I try as best I can (not perfect tho') not to gossip about other people. For quite some time now, I have been able to keep a low profile of myself. But for some peculiar reason, after I befriended this so-called friend, my profile has been elevated. Suddenly, I became an interesting figure with very not-so-conventional ways of doing things. Adding to the fact that my GF and I had broken up, I have now heard tonnes of stories about me... some of which were made up by God-knows-who.

    So, it is really frustrating. I got to know of a certain somebody who did just that. My impression of him transformed overnight from one of The Garden of Eden to that of the fiery-chasms of Hell. My oversight for the trust and everything put in to build a friendship. But I will not mention any names... why? Cause, I have learnt from experience that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    To whoever you are... word does reach my ears! But thank you for opening my eyes. I can see clearly now.

    Anyway, I've got a sore shoulder from yesterday's workout. I promise myself to put more effort to be diligent in working out. Ain't nobody u can depend on but yourself!