Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Between a Beautiful Liar and Ugly Betty

This may sound a little nutty but allow me to indulge in a little jibber-jabber.

Sum times, eye like two bee a lee twirl crib tick. Dare whirl times inn the pass wear eye stood add the junk shin... Aunt Sure. It was all waste a bout Gene. Eye was in deed in fat chew wait third with Gene. Eye must add meet, we are comp pat tee bell but dare was all waste sum think not write. Miss tree all waste Sir Round Dirt tat purse sen. Eye never fount ant knee think truth full about ant knee think tat was sad be twin us. Eye hat fee links end a parent Lee the same was felt on Theodore part tee. Yet went thinks hap burn, it all waste seam that eye was Claire Pink want hen. End now eye fill that dare reel Lee is sum think more then meats the I. Dare will all waste bee sum way eye could ass is after May King out... makes me one the if eye amp bee ink tree third ass jest a pond in the skimp of thinks.

Den a fill weak a go, eye met bet tee. Bet tee was ant two sea as tick a bout the hole reel late shin sheep think waive me. Eye heft sub jet third bet tee to a lock of non sens end yacht like a liege sheik longs too heft a few chair waive me. Frank Lee spic kink, eye amp Aunt Abelle to devil lobe sarge fee links tat bet tee hopped eye wood heft 4 here. Sheik is one the full butt tat is one trash sure eye amp nod shear eye can a priest she ate. Fort ones, eat maid milk fill like a cow art, curse eye good nod fine the hard two reed jet here. Tats mind deal lamp mar.

Eve yule good fee girl out all tat out... good on yule! Otherwise, just let be...

Shark kill Ra, Shark kill Ra; Beyond say, beyond say... lol! Have a nice day!

Monday, July 02, 2007


Please watch these videos. These are facts! NOT fiction... and the Americans are still wondering why the rest of the World hates them so much... sigh!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

A really sad but simple truth...