Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My first major backpacking travel...

... been to Cambodia and now I'm back! It was indeed my first major backpacking trip and I'm kinda proud and happy with the areas I have covered in 8 days...

Due to just 8 days in my pocket, I only managed to cram Siem Reap & Phnom Penh into my itinery. Trust me when I say you need more time to cover more area. Some of the backpackers I met along the way have been travelling for almost a year now. There's this guy from the States; I think his name was Rick... he has been travelling around the South East Asian region for almost a year! I mean I'm amazed; doesn't he have a job? Oh! That's the one question I forgot to ask him.... seriously!

Anyway, I'm writing a travelogue on another site... it still is under construction. I will definitely put up a link here once it is done... Boy! Am I excited! But here's a little teaser:

Magnificent sunrise at Angkor Wat

The Bayon within Angkor Thom

For the moment, I'm taking time off from the gym to recharge and also to do lotsa write-up (whoever said travelling was easy???) and also to recuperate... not feeling too good these days. Probably tired; and I'm tired of being tired.... anyone, mind sharing the secret of eliminating tiredness? Oh... I'm also sunburned a little bit... guess the sunblock wasn't really working huh?

Anyway, time for bed... Happy Merdeka Holidays!