Tuesday, July 04, 2006


...what a very apt title to start another chapter after a long hiatus. Then again, I couldn't really call it a new chapter cause it is after all concurrent events. My absence is really a result of many a turbulence converging.

Well! If any of u guys (n gals) out there has seen me recently, you'd probably see some lost in shine; sort of a lil' lacklustre. That's because I seem to have got myself in a unique situation where I've lost some drive, lost some spunk, lost some will power, lost some interest in things I used to love doing, lost some focus and most of all, lost some of myself. Truth is, this is just an understatement. I've actually LOST A LOT OF THESE MORE than I am willing to admit.

okay, okay, okay... I'm in some sort of denial again and I just dunno how to do get myself out of this quagmire... trying to work things out with myself. In the meantime, if u see me around, just pretend u haven't read this part of my blog... better still, it would be a real consolation if u mentioned that u have not read this part of my blog... I would probably feel relieved! A little bit of compassion would very much be appreciated.

The good news is... I HAVE A VACATION COMING SOON... yea baby! I'm going off to Cambodia for a week in August... talking of which; I have yet to start packing!!!

Gotta go pack!