Monday, November 20, 2006

Once in a blue moon...

I was in Vietnam recently... was a great trip! But I dun wanna talk about that today. Was living in a box a fortnight ago! But I'm not exactly in the mood to tell a tale or two about that either!

Once in a blue moon... (if it ever happens), we do come across things that strike a cord in our souls. I came across a profile with the following write-up which I would like to share with anyone reading this. These are not my words... but I decided to put it here as a stark reminder to me of the very simple things that I sometimes forget and take for granted. If u happen to be "THE" author, I would very much like to compliment you on such a beautiful piece of work. Kindly note that I have left all the grammatical errors (ehem!) untouched to preserve the authenticity of this piece of art!

QUOTE:"A messege to my ex-lover
Dear Bear Bear

I am sorry; I haven't talked to you about what's having been kept deep inside my heart in so long. I feel like I have been lost, no bearings, no compass. I kept crashing into things. A little crazy. I guess, I have been lost before. You were my true north. I could always steer for home when you were my home.

Forgive me for being so angry when you left. I was thinking it was your entire fault. However, time cures all wounds. I first realized that to love is not to possess, but to let go. By letting go of you, I let go my fear of being betrayed; then, I let go my hatred from being betrayed. And I am doing better now. The separation helps me.

Most of all, you help me. On all the lonely night without you sleeping next to me on our bed, you came into my dream. With your smile, you were there caress me like no others, rub me like a child, called me BeBe, BeBe and, I used to wake up in tears. But, I am stronger now; no more tears but smile. All I remembered from the dreams is the feeling of peace and love. I try to keep it alive as long as I could, and I move on.

I am ready to go on the journey of life on my own now, and, I ready to tell you I am sorry, I lost so many things. I am sorry i didn't take better care of you, so that you never spend one minute being cold, or scared, or sicked. I am sorry I didn't try harder to find words to tell you what I was feeling and how much I loved you. I am sorry, I have fought with you." UNQUOTE

Once in a blue moon... someone somewhere will be sensible enough to see the light; but most other times, most other people don't.

Once in a blue moon... we want what we do not need, but we take what we have for granted; then realize eventually that what we really needed was what we had in the first place and not what we wanted but have no need for... only to realize it's too little, too late. Some things can never be retrieved once lost. But the trick is to MOVE ON... and maybe one day we'll see a green moon instead!

To end on a rather meaningful note, here are some of the images that was captured of me during my Vietnam adventure:

A picture of Li-Ann and me at the LCCT prior to flying to Hanoi... She was my travel buddy this time around... could you spot the wings we used to fly?

My first breakfast in Hanoi... everyone was overcharging foreigners; but she was honest to charge us the usual price for a bowl of 'pho ga'... which was approx VND 5,000 (Vietnam dongs) equiv to almost RM 1.25. We had another round the next day... and there's a story to that for some other time and place. After some travelling, we returned to Hanoi to catch our flight back to Malaysia... she wasn't there anymore for 2 consecutive mornings. I dunno where she went; but wherever she may be, I pray that she is in good health and enjoying a good life. I miss her very much and hope to see her again when I return!

The four adorable 'Black Mong' girls we met at Sapa... see the bags in their hands; those were the bread that we bought for them. Enough said!

And finally, that's me in a Vietnamese Sombrero @ Noi Bai airport, Hanoi... leaving with all the beautiful memories in my head that is obviously showing on my face!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Living In A Box...

Yup... that's right! I'm chosen to live in a cubicle with three others for 7 days! It's the MIX FM CIMB Bank's Living In A Box @ The Curve Concourse Mutiara Damansara.

Mix fm CIMB Living In A Box... starring "Mama" Thevagi, Hanson da Pimp, Shane the Styrofoam Girl and last but never the least, Mr. Crazy Carpenter Siva (more milk than coffee!!!).

Basically there's no elimination whatsoever but we're supposed to decorate our cubicle with money given to us and won thru varios challenges throughout the 7 days. No shower allowed; no brushing teeth; limited leak time... and lots of curious stares by onlookers doing their shopping.

1st day has already come and gone. Won the first cash reward challenge of an extra RM 300. For this challenge, I had to spoon out 10 marbles from a bowl of flour; then proceed to remove 10 ping pong balls floating in syrup water; and finally peel out 10 petais and swallow them down... By the end of the challenge, we were all really stinky! The funny thing was Siva tried to swallow the whole petai including the skin but ended up choking himself and came in third behind yours truly and Shane.

Now I understand how an animal in the zoo would feel on weekends. When everyone just stares...

2nd challenge of the day was a reward challenge... we had to blow balloons till they pop, the one who pops the most within 5 minutes walked away with a mattress and a lamp. I came in second together with Siva bursting a total of 6 while Shane walked away the winner with 8. Throat was dry by the time the challenge had ended.

Sleeping at night in a shopping mall, with the lights on and the sound of non-stop vacuuming... just imagine that! That's what we're going thru. CALL THE HUMAN RIGHTS' GROUP!...