Friday, March 16, 2007

...of bushes and s-holes

Stumbled upon this; thought I'd share the joke:

A mosaic of Bush made from s-holes. Does George W. Bush deserve it? Well how can 100+ assholes (made into a mosaic) be wrong? lol!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anything Is Possible

Okay... so Brandon Rogers became the 12 finalists' first casualty. Frankly speaking, even though he forgot the lyrics; his performance didn't really warrant his elimination at this point of the competition. And as much as I loved Sanjaya Malakar, his performance off-late has not been up to par comparing with the vocal prowess that he had exhibited in the early part of the audition.

So the question is... what happened? There is a site that I stumbled upon "" and as the name suggests... it wants the American audience to vote for the worst. At the moment, Sanjaya is their pick... so we know he is the'worst' performer... (sorry Sanjaya! I really do like u a lot tho!). It MAY or MAY NOT have been their work but it does look like the site actually carries some weight. According to certain sources, FOX has threatened legal repercussions but nothing has been concrete till this very day. So, factor in the influence this site is generating, I bet you can expect a lot of unexpected things to come in the following weeks. So this probably explained how Antonella Barba could hang on longer than she ought to have.

The bottom 3: Brandon Rogers, Phil Stacey & Sanjaya Malakar.

Anyway, after last night's performance, if the bottom 3 was a reflection of the state of the competition... I'd say this season's American Idol would be a female. My prediction would either be Melinda Doolittle (who I adored from the very beginning... impressive and sensational performance each and every week) or Lakisha "Kiki" Jones. If there ever was a "Wild Card" from the group of guys, I would think Blake Lewis has a chance becoz he is unique. The other guys will be like flies getting swatted down... one after another!

So this is it that I do not understand about what Simon Cowell is sometimes talking about. Some days you hear him talking about "Originality" and that some contestants are either 'copycats' or their performance is comparable to that of 'karaoke'. Then last night, he remarked that the rearrangements done by some of the contestants (in particular, Chris Sleigh and Blake Lewis) completely butchered the originals. I kinda think that the rearrangements done by Blake & Chris Sleigh wasn't that bad... was kinda cool actually. If I were a contestant, I'd feel like being in between the devil and the deep blue sea. So Simon, give them a break, will ya!

On another note, apparently there is a spin-off series from the Amazing Race All-Stars titled "Elimination Station" where they film a 3 minute clip of all the contestants that have been eliminated and housed in Acapulco, Mexico. It is streamed online every week after the latest installation of the race has been aired in the U.S. However, viewers from the rest of the world DO NOT get access to that footage... what a shame! Come on CBS, we are also big fans of the race... how about cutting out preferential treatment and treating us a little fairer?

Title Card for The Amazing Race All-Star's spin-off, Elimination Station

New addition to the eliminated and the imprisoned... Rob"bed" & Amber (lol!)


"Anything Is Possible" makes reference to a minor Debbie Gibson hit that was released in 1990, taken from her album of the same title.

Monday, March 12, 2007

End Of The Road

Three cheers!

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip Hooray! Hip hip Hooray!

Why? Coz the "robnoxious" duo Rob & Amber gets the boot tonight! They have been consistently getting 1st place for 3 consecutive episodes... but the tide has turned against them! Fate dealt them a hefty blow... one they could not recover from like they always did.

Uchenna & Joyce and Charla & Mirna; jointly claiming the honour of booting robnoxious Romber

Oh! Did I also mention... ROB CANNOT SPELL! muahahaha! For someone as egoistically robnoxious as he, that is something to laugh about. So Rob, remember! Before you go on another one of your wild goose chase... get your spelling correct... lol! For now, it's end of the road for u! Dig that!
They got their a**es kicked off the end of the World... muahahaha!

Good news that came sooner than I had expected! Karma, baby!

The title "End of the Road" is taken from the biggest number 1 song by the R&B quartet Boyz II Men which was first featured in the movie 'Boomerang', then included in their repackaged debut album "Cooleyhighharmony". This track is also available on their gretaest hits album entitled "Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection".

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not Ready To Make Nice

Yeap... at least that's the theme that's goin' on right now.

Still angry at something. Still discontented with something. Still fuming at something. Still dun know what that something is. Off late this Dude has become more like Mt. Pinatubo... muahahaha!

Anyway, I have made plans to go to the city this weekend. All who should know have been informed. And yes! The priority for the next 3 weeks would be to get the applications for The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 in before the deadline. Phew! It's gonna be a helluva lot o' things to juggle with.

Hey blossoms, you can disagree all you want! It all boils down to the fact that the pesky duo Rob & Amber didn't make it in the Top 5 teams when they hit our shores recently. These were the remaining teams of The Amazing Race: All Stars that were spotted in Batu Caves in Nov 2006 after flying in from Helsinki, Poland:

1) Charla & Mirna
2) Team Cha Cha Cha, Danny & Oswald
3) The Barbies, Dustin & Kandice
4) Eric & Danielle
5) Uchenna & Joyce

... so muahahaha... 'Romber' are not infallible. On the other hand, you may at least find consolation at the fact that the Barbies may finish in the Top 3 this time around. Team Cha Cha Cha, Uchenna & Joyce and The Guidos were spotted flying back to the US from Guam. So, logically, the final 3 teams to race to the finish line would have to be Eric & Danielle, Charla & Mirna and The Barbies.

Oh! By the way... did anyone noticed the little guy with Phil at the Pitstop in Playa Petrohue, Chile. The first thing that ran thru my head was that the producers were playing matchmaking... specifically with Charla in mind! Match made in Chile... ha ha ha ha ha!

Phil in the "Land of the Little People"

Bridging the divide, making a connection?.....

... and Charla was in her bathing suit! ke ke ke! So cute!!!

Well.... doing this particular blog today makes me feel a lil' light hearted... lotsa he he ha ha ke ke... but I'm still not ready to make nice. Dig that!

"Not Ready To Make Nice" was a multiple Grammy award winning song by the Dixie Chicks from their 2006 album "Taking The Long Way" which also won the Grammy for 'Album of the Year' in 2007. This is one helluva strong song, both lyrically and musically. Lead singer Natalie Maines criticized George W. Bush 10 days prior to the Iraq invasion in 2003 in London which resulted in their popularity and career taking a plunge in the opposite direction. This comeback and all the awards they garnered recently shows that "people" are starting to speak out!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Crawling In The Dark

Yea... I never thought I would see this day again.

I was on another hiatus... another dark chapter. What exactly triggered this... well I'm NOT too sure myself. All I remember was suddenly I plunged into yet another state of emptiness. Everything else was inanimate and on hold. It has happened one too many a time.

Yea... I'm still alive and breathing; even though I had at times wished otherwise. Someone once told me that I sounded very GRIM. I remembered those exact words. Well! Enough about keeping up appearances... I'll just be me, GRIM or no GRIM.

Crawling in the dark... looking for answers; answers to questions that I never even knew. Dig that!

Anyway, I had to get this thing off my chest. I know it sounds 'kiddie'. I was on Civilization III for the past 2 weeks. I needed to feel some sort of achievement. I defeated the French, Russian, Chinese, English, Romans, Japanese and finally the Indians... HA HA HA!

I think I'm ready to crawl out of this bottomless pit now. Not that I'm out in the light yet; but at least I'm ready to move in the opposite direction.

Another reason to do get back to civilization REAL TIME: Registration for the AMAZING RACE ASIA SEASON 2 has just been opened. You can bet I'm going to put in every last breath I have to book myself a place this time. I'm tired of waiting for something BIG... this is it!

Click here to be redirected if you wanna know more or if you are also interested to enter this race.

So wish me luck!

Just to set the record straight.... I need NO sympathy! I just need to get this emptiness off my chest. Blogging feels a lil' strange to me now. Hope to put everything back to normal mode soon. Besides, now there's a reason to start anew.

Here are some spoilers: Orson isn't a killer, Mr. Bennet isn't a villain, Scoffield has the answer and Meredith will be on the brink of death! And for God's sake... someone, please shoot Rob and Amber... wait! that's too dramatic; rephrase: lock them up in Siberia and throw away the key... let them rot in hell for all I care!

... to be continued

The title for this chapter makes reference to Hoobastank's breakthrough first single back in 2001 taken from their self-titled debut album. From then onwards, Hoobastank never had to ever crawl in the dark no more... pun intended!