Monday, June 18, 2007

A tale of two Kylies

On the left, Kylie Kwong; on the right, Kylie Minogue

Ahhhhh.... It's been awhile since I last subject my readers to some of my sensible nonsense. A lot of events had transcended over the past week. A few of those are work-related in which some are the most shitty news I have heard in years... and I still abhor Bush (at least that part hasn't changed)

Well, for me personally tho'... I may have something good coming my way as I've been told I might just land myself into a role that requires more traveling. Now that's actually what I've been looking forward to... well, we'll have to see how it goes in the coming weeks... something exciting is in the air... I can already smell it (there must be a Famous Amos nearby)... and I still abhor Bush (that part hasn't changed)

I have been quite glued to 'Travel and Living' lately and on the top of my list is Globe Trekker. I love watching Ian Wright, Megan McCormick, Zay Harding, Justine Shapiro & co. and their antics. Ooo Zay's got nice pecs and he ain't afraid to show 'em off. On my list of 'must watch' include 'Come Dine With Me', 'Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown', 'Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations' and 'World Cafe: Asia with host Bobby Chinn".

I have noticed an advert for quite awhile now of a new show titled "Kylie Kwong: Simply Magic". My gut was telling me it was a stoooopid show. But I decided to give it a chance. And on the day I chose to give this show a chance, Kylie decided to whip out one of her specialty dishes "soy sauce eggs". I just couldn't believe my eyes! I mean I could even boil hard-boiled egg in soy sauce and it would come out much more delicious than hers!!! What a disappointment! Stoooopid show... seriously!

No more Kylie Kwong for me..... coz' that's no magic at all. Between the two Kylies, I'd still stick to the one with the last name Minogue, who clearly does more magic to me than Kwong ever will. Geez! ... and I still abhor Bush (I'm sure that's never gonna change).

Kwong or Minogue... take your pick!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

How Bizarre!

I just read a news article on Yahoo! and felt compelled to ramble again. I wanted to puke... big time.It was bizarrely entitled "Rice: History will rate Bush well"... seriously! At least I will remember George Bush as the ass-hole from hell and he rates as a modern deceptive dictator that is even worse than Hitler ever was! Even Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are more human than Bush could ever be.

LINK: Yahoo! News Report entitled "Rice: History will rate Bush well"

Anyway, here is story in case the page gets removed:

" NEW YORK - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says history will remember President Bush's foreign policy favorably despite current troubles in Iraq, Iran, North Korea and the Middle East.

"History's judgment is rarely the same as today's headlines," she said Friday in an interview with The Associated Press.

Rice said she believed the world was more dangerous before Bush took office in January 2001 than it is now.

"Six years ago ... it wasn't a very nice world. Al-Qaida was preparing to attack the twin towers, Pakistan was allied with the Taliban, Afghanistan was the base from where al-Qaida was going to operate, the Israelis and Palestinians had given up," she said.

"The Palestinians had walked away from a chance for a Palestinian state, launched the second intifada; (Israel) elected Ariel Sharon who basically said there will never be a Palestinian state and there will be a greater Israel; the North Koreans were cheating on a deal that they had just signed; China and others were indifferent; Iran was cheating on the IAEA out of sight and Saddam Hussein was shooting at our pilots in the no-fly zone and making a mockery of the oil-for-food program and corruption was running rampant in that program."

"That was the world. A worse world? I think so."

"I think that what this president has done is ... to set up the long struggle that we are going to have to resolve particularly the problem of the growth of extremism in the Middle East, which was clearly there underneath the surface and exploded on Sept. 11."

Asked how long it would take for the Bush administration's initiatives to succeed, Rice counseled patience.

"I think there is a lot of progress," she said. "Now, will we see the end of all this? Maybe not. But when you are confronted with a fundamentally changed strategic set of circumstances, you can try to put Band-Aids on it, or you can say we are going to have to deal with the root problems here and it may take a long time."

"It may take successive administrations to succeed. But we know what you have to put in place so that successive administrations can succeed. And you don't get there by covering up the problems or trying to find a temporary solution to them that isn't worth the paper it's written on."

"I think that you will see that we are now at the beginning of a historic transformation and some of them may still work out on our watch and some of them may not," she said of today's problems.

Seriously... that would be the joke of the century!

Rice in denial...

If you are reading this, I would recommend that u get ur hands on Michael Winterbottom's "The Road To Guantanamo" and watch it. It will provide you some insights about the whole Guantanamo camp and the cruelty of the Bush regime... some champion for freedom he is! hah!

If ur interested and can't find it, I would be happy to duplicate my copy for you for free. You only foot the cost of DVD and shipping.

The title "How Bizarre" was a breakthrough hit in the US for New Zealand group OMC (short for Otara Millionaires Club) in 1997 where it peaked at no. 4 in the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart. That catchy little ditty was from their album of the same title.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Minutes to midnight, it won't be soon before long

On high rotation in my mp3 player is this 2 albums that I recently downloaded; Linkin Park's "Minutes To Midnight" (MTM) and Maroon5's "It Won't Be Soon Before Long".

I have been a huge fan of Linkin Park ever since their inception into the music scene. "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora" are a work of art. Even though I do not consider MTM to be LP's best effort so far, it has reinforced LP as my favourite band. Among the changes that I noticed was the use of profanity that was absent in their previous efforts; a few F-bombs dropped here and there. Also, they were experimenting on ballads and the politically motivated song "Hands Held High" stands out prominently as my favourite. My favourite tracks are "Given Up", "Bleed It Out", "What I've Done", "Hands Held High" and "No More Sorrows". Contrary to my usual practice of downloading, I am determined to get my hands on a piece of the original MTM CD... in fact, I'll be purchasing the CD/DVD Super Fan Edition available on the internet. No use buying Malaysian Edition which is usually watered down, censored and of low quality.

Here's a quote made by Mike Shinoda which I obtained from Wikipedia. This is the type of attitude I like:

On May 4, 2007, 11 days before its official world release, the real Minutes to Midnight was leaked. The following day, Mike Shinoda posted his response to the leak:

It couldn't be more exciting to give you all new music, especially after all the hard work we put into it. This album was almost a year and a half of experiments, mistakes, inspiration, and careful craftsmanship. We put everything we had into these songs, and want you to hear every second of it. I can't wait for you to absorb all the levels of meaning in the songs, and the layers of music, eventually forming your own ideas about what the songs mean to you. At the same time, a leak leaves out some very important parts of this piece of work. We put months of creative energy into the ART of the record, in the booklet, special edition, and big book … almost as long as it took to record hybrid theory [sic]. The album has amazing photos, lyrics, and notes about how the songs came together — it's the visual half of the record. On the other hand, the super-special-edition book is packed with exclusive images, stories of the making of the songs, gorgeous art, the CD and a DVD that tells the story, showing the actual moments of inspiration caught on camera. For me, it's almost hard to imagine anyone really experiencing this album without that part of it. Even the song sequence alone is very important. It's WAY different to hear the songs in a random order than to listen to this record from beginning to end. At the very least, if you've already downloaded the songs, do us a huge favor and listen to them in the right order … it'll be way more rewarding.
—Mike Shinoda

I love the fact that LP are now addressing current issues in their songs. The people of the World have been crying out loud; but these cries have fallen on deaf ears. It is refreshing to note that the players in the music industry are becoming more vocal about this issue; people like Bob Geldof, Bono of U2 and now LP joins the fray. The reality of it is that these messages will likely also fall on deaf ears as well. But what it does is increase awareness as music has a far more reaching effect than just one voice alone. So kudos to my favourite band LP!

On the other hand, Maroon5 deserves a mention for coming up with a catchy retro-influenced track like "Makes Me Wonder". Listening to that song every time makes me picture Blake Lewis singing the song instead of Adam Levine.

All hail to Linkin Park... P2P sharing rulez!

Friday, June 08, 2007

I Dream of 'India'

As my frens Styrofoam Gal and Big Momma already know, my body is already itching all over. I just need to start walking on foreign soil again to alleviate the itch. Can't wait till it happens! Big Momma and I are planning to be with 'true' Indians... so to say, lol!

Just imagine, me celebrating CNY with true 'Indians'... now that is one irony I'm looking forward to. Sorry peeps, I ain't gonna be around this CNY. My passion comes 1st... he he he!

Gonna run off to bed now to dream of standing in front of this colossal wonder and be humbled by its magnificence!

P/S: Before I forget, I'd also like to add that Styrofoam Girl has the potential to be Nigella Feast, tho the reality of it may seem quite distant at the moment. Still I loved her 'outcast muffins' and 'sometimes out-of-shape heart-shaped ginger bread cookies' ;P. Looking forward to more of those lil' wonders of urs gal!

Spotting a new look

It's been a year since I started blabbering and a change is due. While most of my dreams and goals in life remain unchanged, some aspects of it will undergo major reconstruction..... This is EVOLUTION.

I've also taken a pledge... a pledge for my own good as well as that for the rest of the World. My contribution may probably be small for now, but every small initiative goes a long long way.

My Pledge in "The Star" on 8-Jun-2007 as an effort to go green

At least I'm putting words into action... unlike G8 World leaders who make empty promises year after year.

WANTED MAN!... for being a global ASS-HOLE!!!