Thursday, August 07, 2008

Saiful Bukhari Azlan is a FAG!

There! I said it.... May GOD (if there is one!) send him to the deepest dungeons of hell where he and all his cahoots belong...

May Saiful Bukhari Azlan contract syphilis and eventually get infected with the HIV virus and live a long life to suffer the full effects of AIDS.

Now my emotions are getting the better of me... but what's right will always be right and what's wrong will always be wrong.

Daulat Tuanku! Reformasi!

The Legitimate Criminals

ok. So I have stayed away from blogging long enough. I am just so tired of commenting on anything. So what is prompting me to start typing? Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Let me state clearly: I believe in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's innocence.

Anyone can call me anything from now onwards. I do not think Pak Lah Busuk or Najib Najis deserves to be be addressed by their honorary titles. They are both legitimate criminals that deserve the lowest of titles Yang Amat Busuk.

Merdeka day is nearing. I profess my love and loyalty to my country and King. I hope my King is wise enough to see through all this and step in to stop all these shenanigans. The current administration has gone too far this time and what they have committed is a crime of the foulest degree.

I use to believe in the BN; now I think they are just a bunch of power crazy criminals.


Monday, February 18, 2008

No Big Deal...

I waz on Deal or No Deal... he he he!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

... not dat big a deal... sigh!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

we didn't start the fire...

... watz wrong wif de current administratn?

... r dey retard'd or wat? stifling de peepz voice only risk fanning more tensions. If dey can promise a peaceful rally; let those who want to rally rally.

... btw, all diz mobilization of police 2 do de government'z whimz n fancies iz a waste of resourcez. Crime rate iz on de rise; we cud use these resourcez properly to counter rise in crime rate instead of silencing criticz n opposition.

... so who started all diz fire? de current administratn did! Not de people...

>> back in Kuantan finally... n still glued 2 al jazeera

>> signed up 4 sum cash cowz 2day

Saturday, November 24, 2007

bye bye Johnny, we will not miss u!

A wave of change mayB? I hope itz a 1st in a series of change... John Howard concedez defeat in de recent Ozzie pollz. Not only iz hiz party losing de majority, bad Johnny iz also losing his parliamentary seat...

Shame on u Johnny... 4 bein' 1 of thoz who were turnin' diz world in2 a more dangerous place 2 live in. Lookz like Ozzie's r embracing change...

I wonder when we Malaysianz can c a change like dat. Well, @ de moment I'm in de BB area... watching live footage on Al Jazeera... n apparently, there'z gonna be a rally 2moro dat de government iz calling illegal! Saw roadblockz on de way 2 KL n I think itz gonna b messy again; like it waz a few weekz back.

I still maintain... I abhor BN! n I eva felt dat way when Dr. M waz in power...

freedom 4 all Malaysianz! freedom of religion; freedom of speech n freedom of expression!

... from Starbuckz KL Plaza

Sunday, September 16, 2007

str8 linez

u know, when i luv a certain song... dat particular 1 getz repit'd in me mp3, in da car playa, n basically evrywhere i go... n 2 make mattrz worst i think i luv youtube mo' than sex!!! lol

Here goez, my current can't-get-u-outta-my-head song:

well... hav gone bak 2 da gym; n start'd eatin' healthy. Talkin about eatin... today iz anotha 1zt 4 me; 1zt time i bought fresh fish n clean'd n steam'd it myself... was yummy... had juicy pomfret all 2 myself. Oh! n I quit those fags... itz been like 72 hourz n countin'... hallelujah!

will b makin' me way 2 kl thiz weekend. itz been 2 long since me seen me frenz... miss 'em tons... there's Big Momma, Styrofoam Gal, Pregnant Mama, Humongouz BDay Momma... can't wait till i hit da city n walkin in str8 linez...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

here... hav a peace of ma mind!

Ok... me feelin' much liberat'd. I guezz da buzy period iz ova n me choze 2 drop 3 peeps of da whole rel8nship thingz.

Did I tell ya me India trip confirm'd? Yea, it waz... datez fix'd @ Feb 3 till Feb 15 2008; leavin' b4 da CNY and comin' back after de festivitiez r ova. 1zt time in me life me missin' da CNY celebs but dis year me feelin' proud 'bout it. Gotta thnx me fren Thevagi 2 4 joinin' me. Will now hav 2 embark on mo' rezearch.

Anyway, here'z anotha issuez; PEACE ONE DAY! envizion'd by Britizh film-maker Jeremy Gilley. Afta yearz of hard work n peserveranze, on Sep. 7 2001 da UN General Assembly pazzed rezolutn A/Res/55/282 declarin' Sep. 21 of every year PEACE DAY. Da rezolut'n was unanimouzly adopt'd by all UN member statez where on dis UN International Day of Peace, PEACE DAY, itz a day of global ceazefire n non-violenze... Da world iz so fuck'd up rite now... all we need iz peace; but eazier said than done. Still thiz iz a gud start. Plz watch da vid b-low. Decide wat u gonna do on PEACE DAY... n do it! U do not need 2 fork out no money... juz decide wat u gonna do 4 peace in ur own way n do it on PEACE DAY.

Pleaze send a msg 2 all ur frenz n tell 'em of PEACE DAY. Letz all do sumthin' frm our own lil' corner n mayb 1 day... juz 1 day, we will really have PEACE ONE DAY!



What will u do 2 make peace?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Let'z play Twista!

Watchin' da interview wif Malaysian Foreign Minister by BBC's Sarah Montague... I only hav dis 2 say... n it might sound a lil' immature n childish but here goez:

(imitating Boston Legal'z Jerry Aspenson)

He waz twistin' hiz wordz around when freedom of religion waz brought up... da freedom 2 practice a particular religion iz no different from da freedom 2 convert between religions. N wat they r subjectin' Revathi Masoosai 2 is INHUMAN! [eeeek] wrong answerz! Dude!

Ooh... I uzed 2 hav a very hi regard 4 dis man... but watchin' da interview last nite, evry gud thot I hav of Syed Hamid Albar (which I now proclaim shit dammit albar) haz gone down the smelly sewerz where he n his cahootz belong!

Once again,
(imitating Boston Legal'z Jerry Aspenson)

1 more point deduct'd from da Abdullah'z team!

... get da picture? 'nuff said!

Note: The clip is now uploaded on BBC's portal (information courtesy of Jeff Ooi) n here'z da link:

HARDTalk: Sarah Montague interviews Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar (2007)
(u need Real Player 2 watch thiz)