Saturday, September 15, 2007

here... hav a peace of ma mind!

Ok... me feelin' much liberat'd. I guezz da buzy period iz ova n me choze 2 drop 3 peeps of da whole rel8nship thingz.

Did I tell ya me India trip confirm'd? Yea, it waz... datez fix'd @ Feb 3 till Feb 15 2008; leavin' b4 da CNY and comin' back after de festivitiez r ova. 1zt time in me life me missin' da CNY celebs but dis year me feelin' proud 'bout it. Gotta thnx me fren Thevagi 2 4 joinin' me. Will now hav 2 embark on mo' rezearch.

Anyway, here'z anotha issuez; PEACE ONE DAY! envizion'd by Britizh film-maker Jeremy Gilley. Afta yearz of hard work n peserveranze, on Sep. 7 2001 da UN General Assembly pazzed rezolutn A/Res/55/282 declarin' Sep. 21 of every year PEACE DAY. Da rezolut'n was unanimouzly adopt'd by all UN member statez where on dis UN International Day of Peace, PEACE DAY, itz a day of global ceazefire n non-violenze... Da world iz so fuck'd up rite now... all we need iz peace; but eazier said than done. Still thiz iz a gud start. Plz watch da vid b-low. Decide wat u gonna do on PEACE DAY... n do it! U do not need 2 fork out no money... juz decide wat u gonna do 4 peace in ur own way n do it on PEACE DAY.

Pleaze send a msg 2 all ur frenz n tell 'em of PEACE DAY. Letz all do sumthin' frm our own lil' corner n mayb 1 day... juz 1 day, we will really have PEACE ONE DAY!



What will u do 2 make peace?

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